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Rosie & Lou

December 22, 2016  •  1 Comment

These are my grandparents, Rosie & Lou. In 1949, shortly after Christmas, they met while dancing at the Aragon Theater in Chicago. They fell in love and were married in September of 1950. When I asked my grandpa what he very first loved about her, without any hesitation, he said, "her eyes." Now, Ninety years of age, sixty six years of marriage, seven children and eighteen grandchildren later, I ask my Grandfather what the secret is to long-lasting marriage. He tells me the story of a time at party when the same question was asked, and couple after couple, responded in similar ways. When it was the last couple's turn, the wife gave her answer and her husband said, "whatever she says." "So that's my answer," said Grandpa. 

When I asked him what his favorite thing is about her now, he said, "her eyes," followed by a laugh. My grandpa has been blind for ten years. He'd asked me to take these pictures of them to send out to his children for Christmas, and I was so honored. I told him that you could almost hear my grandma laughing while you scrolled through them and he said, "well you can always hear her laughing, that's what she does!" Grandma has dementia, and although there are times her memory escapes her, her sense of humor and her love for her husband remain. On a recent visit, while speaking of Grandpa, she said, "oh, I like him!" I'm pretty sure he likes her too.

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Marcia McLeland(non-registered)
These pictures are incredibly touching and heartwarming! What a beautiful tribute to love and marriage and life long commitment even when life isn't easy! So proud to sort of be related to these precious people (our son is married to one of their grandchildren, Natalie)!
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